The Bahria Town Adventure Land Theme Park sets the bar for others of its kind. It is the first international standard adventure park in Karachi. Bahria Town Adventure land is offering thrilling rides, amazing play areas, never before seen attractions.

The gates of the trending adventure land opened on Friday, November, 1st.

People of Karachi visited the adventure land and were mesmerized to see fireworks display that was organized for the public. It is becoming the latest tourist spot for the people of Pakistan. In this blog, we will tell you everything you need to know about the Bahria Town Adventure Land Karachi.

Overview of the Bahria Town Adventure Land

This park is the latest tourist attraction added to Karachi. It is located in Bahria Town. This unique theme park offers many mesmerizing monuments and recreational activities for adults and children.

Bahria Town Adventure Land was built with the collaboration of Italian constructors, as written on Bahria Town’s website. It has everything from thrilling roller coasters to stunning power drops, pirates of Adventure; these are only a few of the amazing things Bahria Adventure Land is offering. With state of the art technology, the exhilarating rides are made to be perfectly safe and secure. Even with all that, they had room for a zoo for children, Sinbad, Cyclone Aladdin, Shark Attack and much more.

These are some of the most popular rides in Bahria Town Adventure Land. However, the management had to make sure that the safety of the tourist. For example, there are age restrictions for some particular rides which are divided among adults and children.

For instance, the height limit for the Shark attack is 4.2 to 4.8. This makes it a suitable ride for teenagers and children. There are rides along with waterfalls, amazing sceneries, entertaining bands, and mascots. Dino Park also appears to have become a famous spot for the kids.

The entrance of the park is set to give the look of a Castle. There are ATM machines within the vicinity of the adventure land for visitors. Seating areas are well constructed if you are tired and want to take rest. You can also eat many delicacies at the refreshment center in Adventure land.

They have KFC and McDonald’s outlets there where visitors can eat delicious international standard food. Pakistani food chains are also present there like Burger King and Crispy for you.


The day and night zoo inside Bahria Adventure Land has gained popularity since its opening. The place is designed in such a way that people will be entertained and amused when they visit the Danzoo.

Danzoo is an international standard zoo in Pakistan that is home to a range of exotic and amazing animals for the children and adults to see. The Zoo has Lions, tigers, cheetahs, leopards, bears, giraffes, deer, monkeys and zebras, to name a few.

With land animals, they also have a wide variety of Arial animals like birds that include, ostriches, peacocks, parrots, swans (Black and White), doves of different colors and kinds, and geese. They also have cobras, pythons and various other creatures in the best zoo of Karachi. The Danzoo name itself proclaims that it will be open 24/7. Safari adventurers of all ages can enjoy wildlife in a never before seen way.

Visitors can enjoy boat rides of Rs100. However, children under 12 have to wear special jackets and gadgets for security purposes. People can also experience water cycling their which is available for only Rs 150.

However, the helmet is mandatory for this ride.


This was the most stunning development in Bahria Town Adventure Land. Bahria Dancing Fountains were designed by one of the best architects of Shanghai Disney Resort, Futuroscope in France and Dubai Fountain. Mesmerizing and Stunning display of the Bahria Dancing Fountains has proved to be one of the most attracting displays for the tourist.

It is also widely considered as the biggest Dancing Fountain in South Asia as it has more than 350 dazzling Led lights and laser projections, 250 fountain jets and 180 height jets. Every Sunday at 7:30 PM they tend to display the beauty of the fountains, an amazing mesmerizing choreography of the fountains. Some special shows are also organized for people during public holidays.


The Bahria Adventure land is an amazing place for the people of Karachi to escape the busy daily life and enjoy some quality time with their Friends or Family. This is all we have for you right now, we will discuss more Bahria Town Adventure land as more updates and latest news pops up, we will make sure that we give you an insight regarding the Adventure Land all the reviews and experiences soon. What do you think of Bahria Town Adventure Land? Let us know in the comment section below.

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